Orthodox Remembrance Day: 6 June, 7 June

Nuns, martyrs

June 6, 346 in Caesarea, Palestine

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


According to tradition, Martha, Maria, Cyria (Cyriaca), Valeria and Marcia were beheaded with the sword under the reign of King Shapor II of Persia.


The place of death Caesarea cannot be reconciled with the time of death and King Shapur, because his rule did not reach so far. Other tradition therefore mentions as the date of death the period from 284 to 305, the period of persecution of Christians under Emperor Diocletian and Galerius


The Acta Sanctorum name Mary and Martha, along with three other virgins venerated as martyrs in Constantinople – today’s Ístanbul – and add Eusebia/Æsia, Susanna and Zenais to the Five; the latter is referred to as Thaumaturga, miracle worker.

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