Orthodox Remembrance Day: 9 March

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Valeri (Valerius) was one of the 40 martyrs of Sebaste. 


Forty Christian soldiers of the Legio fulminata, the Legion of Thunder, stationed in Melitene – today’s Battalgazi near Malatya – were sentenced to death by frostbite under Emperor Licinius: they had to stand naked on a frozen pond on an icy winter night. Only one fell away from his faith and escaped, the corpses of the others were burned.


The large number and the cruel death produced a wide wreath of legends, including that of the officer Kandidus. In any case, the name of the slave Eunoikos is probably historical; the lists of names suggest an early Christianization of the locals, which probably emanated from the soldiers.

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