Orthodox Remembrance Day: 24 April

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


The martyrs Valentin and Pasikrates came from the city of Durostorum, Silistria (now Bulgaria) and were soldiers under the governor Absolanos. Pasikrates was twenty-two years old and Valentin was thirty.


When a persecution of Christians began, Saints Pasikrates and Valentine openly professed their faith in Christ. At the trial, Pasikrates spat on Apollo’s idol and refused to offer sacrifices.


The brother of Saint Pasikrates wept and urged him to appear only to sacrifice to the idols. The martyr placed his hand on the sacrifice in the fire and said, “The body is mortal and burns in the fire, but the soul is immortal and is not harmed by these torments.” Saint Valentine also showed his willingness to suffer for Christ.


When they led the martyrs to execution, the mother of Saint Pasikrates followed them and exhorted her son not to fear death for Christ. Both martyrs were tortured and then beheaded in 288.


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