Orthodox Remembrance Day: April 9

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Monk martyr Archimandrite Bademus (Vadim) was born in the fourth century in the Persian city of Bithlapata and came from a rich and prestigious family. In his youth he was enlightened with Christian doctrine. The saint gave away all his wealth to the poor and retired to the desert, where he founded a monastery. He went to a lonely prayer on a mountain and was once allowed to see the glory of God.


During this period, the Persian emperor Zaporo (310-381) began to persecute Christians. They arrested Saint Bademus and his seven disciples and tortured them in prison, hoping that they would renounce Christ and worship the sun and fire. But Saint Bademus and his disciples held firmly to the Christian faith. The confessors spent four months in prison. Throughout this time, Holy Bathmus was a spiritual guide and a support for the Christians living in Persia.

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