Trinity The Old Testament Trinity

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


As a trinity in the Orthodox Church, the three personalities of God are explained, namely the God Father, God the Son, and God Holy Spirit. Although there are three personalities, there are no three gods in the Orthodox Church, which is a monotheistic faith. That God is one, although it is the Trinity, is explained with the God Father as the origin. God is one because the Father is one. He is considered the origin of the Holy Trinity and by His will the Trinity also exists. This does not mean that the father is more important than the other two personalities of the Trinity. Likewise, it does not mean that the Son and the Holy Spirit are younger than the Father. The trinity is in your being outside of space and time. It is they who created these two terms. All personalities live in eternity and are therefore not definable in time.


Nevertheless, the one God is explained as the origin with the help of the Father. There is a God because there is a Father. He wanted the trinity out of love and put her like him. So the other two personalities of the Trinity are not tools of iconomy. They were not created to carry out the creation, as Arie claimed. They are equal personalities with the Father, the Creator and the origin of all life. Thus, one can explain the trinity with the help of the mutual love of all three personalities. Their fellowship in love allows God to be one, through the personality of the Father, yet all three personalities are equal. Similarly, this community can be compared with the help of the family (father, mother, child). Although there are three different personalities, they all together represent a family, with the father (in patriarchal families) being the head of the family. On some icons, the Holy Trinity is depicted in the form of three angels. Such a depiction is based on the biblical narrative, which tells how God appeared to the progenitor Abraham in the form of three wanderers.


The righteous Abraham joyfully welcomed the wanderers. He bowed to them to the floor and asked them to come to him so that they could rest and strengthen themselves with food. One of the hikers told Abraham that his wife Sarah would give birth to a son in a year. Abraham was 99 at the time, Sarah 89 years old. Sara, standing behind them at the tent entrance, did not believe in it and smiled silently about it. But the wanderer, who had predicted the birth of a son, saw through their unbelief and said, “Is there anything difficult for God?” Then the righteous Abraham understood that God Himself had visited him in the form of these three wanderers. The Holy Trinity is depicted in the form of three angels (messengers) sitting under a tree. On the table in front of them are the food offered to them by Abraham, who is standing next to them. Sarah is either here, together with Abraham, or she is standing in front of the Holy Trinity or in the tent. The icon painted by venerable Andrej Rublev represents only the three angels. Such icons bear the name “Old Testament Trinity”.



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