Simon/Simeon the Old Man

Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: 3 February

Name means: the inflamed (Hebrew)

Frommer Israelit

Patron: of Zadar; to obtain offspring


* c. 55 BC in Jerusalem in Israel

after 5 BC in Israel

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Simeon “the God-receiver” was a devout Israelite, waiting for the consolation of Israel; apparently he was already old, for he had received from the Holy Spirit the promise that he would not see death until he had seen the Anointed One of the Lord. In the presentation of Jesus in the temple, he recognized in this the promised Messiah, took him in his arms and praised him with the hymn of praise of Simeon handed down in the Gospel of Luke (2:25-35).


In New Testament Apocrypha, Simeon was depicted as a priest and successor of Zacharias or as a high priest. Simeon’s relics arrived in Constantinople – today’s Istanbul – in the 6th century and in 1243 to Zara – today’s Zadar in Croatia – where a precious shrine was made for his bones and those of his sons; further relics are kept in Liesborn in a shrine.


Joachim Schäfer: Article Simeon der Greis, from the Ecumenical Dictionary of Saints –

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