Orthodox icon | Triptych | 24786

Russian icon

48.5 x 26 cm | 19.1 x 10.2 in

19th century

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Above: inlaid bronze icon: Holy Trinity (New Testament) with the inscription: “Fatherhood of the Lord”.

The “trinity”, “trinity” or “trinity” (from the ancient Greek “trias”: “three number”, “trinity”) is in

in Christian theology the essential unity of God in three persons or hypostases, not three substances.

These are called “Father” (God the Father), “Son” (God the Son) and “Holy Spirit” (Spirit of God). So that will at the same time expressed their distinction and their indissoluble unity. The “New Testament Trinity” clearly shows the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and, although far more familiar in the West, is actually of Greek origin.

In the middle: Mother of God “Joy of all oppressed”, (- All those who mourn), (-All suffering).

The Blessed Mother depicted in full form, without a child. In front of her are sad people who are plagued by various illnesses and sorrows and are led by angels. Icon remembrance day: October 24. This icon of the Mother of God was at the end of the 17th century. known. The sister of Patriarch Ioakim of Moscow, who lived in Moscow, suffered from a serious illness for a long time. One day during the prayer she heard a voice: “Evfimija! In your suffering, why not take refuge in the one that heals everyone? In the Church of the Transfiguration of my Son there is my image called “The Joy of All Sorrowful”. Ask a priest to bring this picture, and after he has celebrated an supplication service with a consecration of water, you will be healed. ” Evfimija heeded All Saints Mother’s command and got well.

Left: Saint Peter, the Apostle with a cross and a key.

Right: Saint Paul, the Apostle with the Gospel Book.

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