Orthodox icon | Saint Michael Maleinos | 24760

Russian icon

26.5 x 20 cm | 10.4 x 7.9 in

19th century

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Saint Michael was born in Charsianon in Cappadocia in 894, the only son of childless parents, to an apparition of the Mother of God. His family, the famous and powerful Maleinos, had produced several notable generals and statesmen and were associated with the imperial family. From childhood, Michael received the title of Spatharocandidatos (the title of officer in the imperial guard) and was chosen for a brilliant career at court. But when he stayed in Constantinople in 912 with his father, the patrician Eustathios, and attended the funeral of Emperor Leon VI there. attended, the fervent desire overcame him to turn his back on the nothingness of this world and to become a monk. He later became the founder of the Kyminas monastery on Mount Kyminas (Olympus of Mysia) in Bithynia (today’s Uludağ).

When Michael’s father died unexpectedly in 915, his mother, who had so opposed his monastic calling, entered a monastery herself. His sister married and was to become the mother of the famous general and later emperor Nikephoros Phokas (963-969).

Saint Michael Maleinos passed away in peace on July 12, 961. This is also his day of remembrance.

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