Orthodox icon | Saint Great Martyr Theodor Tyron | 24816

Russian icon

35 x 29 cm | 13.8 x 11.4 in

19th century

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Saint Theodor Tyron, according to legend, the brother of Saint George the Victorious, was a simple soldier in the army of Emperor Maximian in Pontus on the Black Sea and a staunch Christian. He was in command of a garrison in Galatia and was martyred during the last Roman persecution of Christians under Maximinus Daia in Amaseia. Among other things, he had been accused of having set fire to the Roman temple of the Magna Mater.

Two people were mixed up in the saints’ legends. The common soldier Theodor Tyron (died around 306), also called Theodoros of Euchaïta, mutated into a brother of the legendary Saint George the Dragon Slayer, also fought a dragon and finally took the form of the Roman garrison leader Theodor Stratelates (died around 319) whose veneration has been observed since the 9th century. The church often worships both in one person.

According to legend, he and his troops camped near the town of Evchaita when he heard that the residents of the area were being terrorized by a dragon living in the forest. Princess Eusebia, who lives there, showed him the way to the dragon’s cave. Armed with the sign of the cross, the saint rushed on the monster, which spat and fanned with flames, and stabbed it in the head with a stab of a lance.

On the left of the icon he receives the martyr’s crown from an angel. At the top left you can see the Saint Great Martyr George slaying the dragon. Above right the blessing Christ.

Saint Theodor Tyron is considered the patron saint of Venice (up to the 9th century) and Brindisi; of soldiers and armies; in battles and storms. His attributes: as a soldier with a tank, shield and lance and the crocodile (or dragon). His feast day: February 17 and the first Saturday of the great Lent.

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