Orthodox icon | Saint Great Martyr Barbara | 24758

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Saint Barbara lived at the time of the Roman Emperor Maximian (284-305) in Heli6polis in the Hellespont (Asia Minor). She was the only child of a rich pagan named Dioskoros, who for her great beauty looked after her like the apple of his eye. Since he had a long journey to make, he had her and her servants locked up on the upper floor of a tower in his palace so that no man would see them. He had showered her with every luxury and given her a comprehensive pagan education. However, instructed by the Lord Himself, the benevolent virgin found true faith in the only God in Three Persons, and from then on, she turned away from all trivialities to her heart only to turn to the Divine Beloved Christ.

Bead-embroidered robe with silver wire and a crown with gemstones. Partly restored and supplemented.

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