Orthodox icon | Saint George, the Victorious with his Vita | 24926

Russian icon

31.2 x 26.8 cm | 12.3 x 10.6 in

19th century

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


The Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious (April 23) is depicted as a soldier on horseback.

A fearsome dragon demanded human sacrifices from a city, otherwise it would wipe it out with its poisonous breath. A lottery decided the choice of victims, and when this fell on the king’s daughter, the girl was brought to the lake where the dragon lived. Before he could kill the princess, Georg, the knight from Cappadocia, appeared and swung his lance with the sign of the cross and pierced the dragon. He ordered the king’s daughter to pull the dragon through the city with her belt. Terrified, all the residents wanted to flee. George promised them to kill the dragon if they were converted to Christianity. Then Georg killed the dragon and all residents, including the king, were baptized.

On the horse, a small child sits behind George who is brought back to his family. The parents watch above with the citizens.

Around his Vita from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Saint George teaches the people faith in Christ.
  2. Saint George is brought before Emperor Diocletian in court.
  3. Emperor Diocletian orders George’s body to be severely scratched.
  4. Saint George is locked up in prison.
  5. Words about the ailing emperor bloom from the mouth of Saint George.
  6. Saint George at testifies in court, before Emperor Diocletian, with the sign of the cross.
  7. Saint George is brutally beaten on a plank.
  8. Saint George is tied up and mercilessly beaten with a caning.
  9. Saint George is tormented on the torture wheel.
  10. Saint George is tormented on the tree.
  11. Saint George is placed in hot fat.
  12. Saint George is tormented with saws.
  13. At the prayer of Saint George, God resurrects the dead.
  14. Saint George is beheaded.
  15. Saint George is buried.
  16. Saint George heals the paralyzed.

Center around clockwise:

  • Miracles of Saint George the Great Martyr and his life.
  • Saint George is tormented in the cauldron, on the wheel, on the plank, wiped out.
  • Miracle of Saint George, beheading of Saint George and his burial.
  • Saint George condemned by the court, is tormented on the pillar, on the tree and with saws.
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