Orthodox icon | Mother of God of the Sign (Znamenie) of Novgorod | 25009

Russian icon

31 x 26 cm | 12.2 x 10.2 in

19th century

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


The miraculous icon, its feast day is celebrated on November 27, is one of the most historic and well-known icons of Russia. For this widespread representation of the half-length portrait of the Mother of God praying with raised hands with the blessing Christ in a round medallion in front of her breast, the name “Novgorodskaya” has become common in the iconic literature of the West.

The feast of the icon commemorates the miraculous sign of Mother of God which, according to legend, she performed with this icon during the siege of Novgorod by the Ssuzdal in 1170. At a crucial moment in the battle, Saint Ivan, Bishop of Novgorod (Sept. 7), brought the icon to the city wall. When an enemy arrow hit the icon, the icon turned its front with the depiction of the Mother of God off the besiegers and “showed its face as a sign of great mercy for those who suffer. The bishop saw the Mother of God weeping and wiped her tears with his robe. The enemy army panicked, darkness fell and the enemy killed each other. The Novgorodians opened the city gates, rushed at the enemy and soon won.

In honor of this icon, prayers, hymns and a service were organized. The icon was in the Spas Church in Novgorod, which existed until 1170, until it found its place in the Novgorod Cathedral, built in 1356. Today it is kept in the Novgorod State Museum.

Many churches and monasteries in Russia are dedicated to Our Lady of the Sign, such as the cathedral in Kursk and the church in Dubrowize (Central Russia) from the 17th century as well as the now decaying village churches in Znamenskoe (Moscow region), also from the 17th century. Century and those from Kraskoe in the Vladimir region.

Poliment gilded background, engraved, punched with colorful ornaments.

Very beautiful gold painting (assist) on the robes. Icon in a very good condition.

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