Orthodox icon | Mother of God of the Akathist Hymn | 24939

Russian icon

40 x 35.5 cm | 15.7 x 14.0 in

19th century

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


In the center is the Mother of God with the Infant Jesus, crowned by two angels. There were also ten prophets: King David, King Solomon, Jeremiah, Gideon, Moses, Habakkuk, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaias and Elias.

Around are 24 representations, each with a text of the hymn Akathistos: 12 Kondak and 12 Ikos in Greek beginning with the letters of the Greek alphabet. Outside with the text of the 1st Kondakion: “To you, the army leader fighting for us, as your servants redeemed from evil, we bring thankful songs of victory, O theotokos. You, who possess invincible power, save us from all dangers, so that we call out to you: Hail, you unmarried bride!“. Below: Akathistos, Our Most Holy Lady and Ever Virgin Mary.

According to tradition, the Hymnos Akathistos was written by Georgios Pisides in 626, after the miraculous rescue of Constantinople.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Ikos 1: “The angel standing among the first was sent from heaven to say to the Theotokos…”.
  • Kond 2: “Because the saint was innocent, she spoke boldly to Gabriel…”.
  • Ikos 2: “Seeking to recognize the unknowable knowledge…”.
  • Kond 3: “The power of the most high overshadowed the woman who was unfamiliar with marriage at that time…”.
  • Ikos 3: “After she had conceived God in her mother’s womb, the virgin hastened to Elizabeth…”.
  • Kond 4: “Having the torrent of doubting thoughts within, the wise Joseph was taken aback…”.
  • Ikos 4: “The shepherds heard from the singing angels the coming of Christ in the flesh…”.
  • Kond 5: “The magicians followed the star that hurried toward God as it shone…”.
  • Ikos 5: “The sons of the Chaldeans saw in the hands of the virgin the one who created man with his hand…”.
  • Kond 6: “The magicians who had become god-bearing heralds returned to Babylon…”.
  • Ikos 6: “By letting the illumination of truth shine in Egypt…”.
  • Kond 7: “When Simeon was about to be transferred from the present deceptive age into the hereafter…”.
  • Ikos 7: “The Creator showed us a new creation, appearing to us…”.
  • Kond 8: “Seeing the strange birth, we become alienated from the world…”.
  • Ikos 8: “The indescribable word was completely with those below, and not at all removed from those above…”.
  • Kond 9: “The whole nature of the angels marveled at the great work of your incarnation…”.
  • Ikos 9: “We see the wordy speakers mute like fish about you, Theotokos…”.
  • Kond 10: “Since the steward of the universe wanted to redeem the world, he came to the same on his own behalf…”.
  • Ikos 10: “You are a wall of virgins, Theotokos, Virgin…”.
  • Kond 11: “No song of praise that tries to explain it comes close to the fullness of your many mercies…”.
  • Ikos 11: “As a light-bringing candlestick, which shines for those in darkness…”.
  • Kond 12: “While the debt eliminator wanted to give grace to all people for the debts of the past…”.
  • Ikos 12: “By singing the praises of your child, we all praise you as the animated temple, O Mother of God!…”.
  • Kond 13: “O all-sung mother, who gave birth to the most holy word of all saints…”.

Quite a rare depiction of 19th century Russian iconography.

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