Orthodox icon | Mother of God of Bogolyubovo | Bogolubskaya | 24302

Russian icon

35.5 x 30 cm | 14.0 x 11.8 in

around 1800

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


The icon goes back to the apparition of the Mother of God to Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky in 1158. It is associated with the Prince’s transfer of the Vladimirskaya icon from Vyshhorod to Vladimir. The horses carrying the icon stopped near Vladimir and did not go any further. A supplication service to the Mother of God was held and the prince promised to build a church on this spot. Later the Mother of God appeared to him. In her right hand she held a scroll, and she raised her left hand to the Lord in prayer. The Mother of God ordered the prince to bring his icon to Vladimir, but to build a church and a monastery where he stood. Later versions of this icon show kneeling saints: Saint Metropolitans Peter of Moscow, Jonah of Moscow and Alexius of Moscow, Saint Nicholas of Myra, Saint Andrey Bogolyubsky and the Saint Martyr Thecla of Iconium. Above the blessing Christ. On the edge: Saint John of Moscow and Sant Martyr Xenia of Kalamata.

Saint Peter of Moscow (feast day: December 21) was the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia in the 14th century and was miracle worker. In 1326 he laid the foundation stone for the Cathedral of the Assumption in the Kremlin.

Saint Jonah of Moscow (feast days: March 31 and June 15) was Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia in the 15th century. After seven years of vacancy, he was unanimously elected metropolitan in 1448 – but as the first metropolitan without the consent of the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Saint Alexius of Moscow (feast day: February 12) was Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia in the 14th century and was a miracle worker. He is also the patron of Moscow.

Saint Nicholas of Myra (memorial days: December 6, May 9 and July 29) was Bishop of Myra, a miracle worker and is considered one of the most famous saints of the Eastern and Latin Churches. Among other things, he is considered to be the patron saint of children.

Saint Andrey Bogolyubsky (feast day: July 4) was Prince of Vyshgorod near Kiev and from 1157 Grand Duke of Vladimir and Suzdal. He was forcibly killed in 1174 and canonized in 1702.

Saint Thecla of Iconium (Remembrance Day: September 24) was a messenger of faith and is considered to have been a student of Paul the Apostle.

Saint John of Moscow (feast day: June 12 and July 3) was a fool for Christ’s sake and died in 1589.

Saint Xenia of Kalamata (feast day: May 3) was, due to her refusal to marry the judge Domitianos, killed in 318 on the basis of false charges.

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