Orthodox icon | Mother of God "Joy of All Who Suffer" | 24858

Russian icon

bronze/brass/yellow metal

14.5 x 12 cm | 5.7 x 4.7 in

19th century

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Material: bronze/brass/yellow metal with blue enamel.

The Mother of God is shown on this icon in full form, without the child. Before her are people who are plagued by various illnesses and sorrows and are led by angels. Icon feast day: October 24.

This icon of the Mother of God became known at the end of the 17th century. The sister of Patriarch Joachim of Moscow suffered from a serious illness for a long time. One day during the prayer she heard a voice: “Evfimija! In you are suffering, why don’t you take refuge in the One that heals everyone? In the Church of the Transfiguration of my Son there is my image called “The Joy of All Sorrowful”. Ask a priest to bring this picture, and after he has celebrated a supplication service with a consecration of water, you will be healed.” Evfimija heeded All Saints Mother’s command and got well.


  1. Archangel Michael (Nov. 8).
  2. Mother of God.
  3. Christ Pantocrator.
  4. Saint John the Precursor and Baptist (June 24).
  5. Archangel Gabriel (Nov. 8).
  6. Apostle Peter (Jun 29).
  7. Apostle Paul (Jun 29).
  8. Saint Basil the Great (Jan 1, Jan 30).
  9. Saint Gregorius the Theologian (Jan 25, Jan 30).
  10. Saint John Chysostom (Jan. 30, Nov. 13).
  11. Saint Nicholas of Myra (Dec. 6).
  12. Saint George (Apr. 23, May 6).
  13. Saint Demetrios of Saloniki (Oct. 26).
  14. Saint Venerable Zosima (Apr. 17).
  15. Saint Venerable Sabbatios (Sept. 27).
  16. Guardian Angel.
  17. Apostle John (May 8).
  18. Apostle Andrew (Nov. 30).

To be seen in: Opdebeeck, Jos – Metalen Ikonen – Blauwdruk van een verzameling, Campinia Media vzw, 1997, ISBN: 90.356.1088, Page: 81.

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