Orthodox icon | Birth of the Mother of God | 24770

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


The origins of the feast of the birth of the Mother of God on September 8 goes back to the 6th/7th century, even if it was officially only included in the church calendar in the east in the 9th century. The gospels only indicate that Mary was from the house of David. In the non-evangelical (apocryphal) narratives, the birth of Mary is discussed in detail. The focus is on the answer to prayer of the childless married couple Joachim and Anna, but also the childhood and youth of the future Mother of God are embellished with numerous wonderful events. Like all birth depictions, the iconography is based on the classic models of the nursery milieu: on the icon you can see St. Anne lying in bed, while women from the neighborhood bring refreshments and midwives bathe the child. Sometimes Saint Joachim looks at the scene through a door. Abstract architectural backdrops indicate the interior. In the later period, they will be replaced by rooms with contemporary furniture, so that the contemporary could experience what is happening in his four walls. The birth of the Mother of God is the festive and solemn prelude to the salvation event of God in Christ.

Very beautiful icon with fine gold painting (Assist). Decorative painting of the buildings.

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