Mother of God of the "Unburnable Thorn Bush"

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


The depiction of the non-burning thorn bush is considered the epitome of the virgin Mother of God: seized by the divine fire, she nevertheless remained intact. Since the 16th century, the very complex depiction in Russia has unfolded as an image of piety concerning Mary: the Mother of God with Emmanuel is inserted in an eight-pointed star, which is formed by two rhombs lying on top of each other. This star, in turn, lies on a rosette. In the lower star are the four evangelist symbols, in the rosette and in the upper spikes are angels with attributes derived from the Akathistos hymn. In popular belief, this icon was revered as an aid against lightning and fire, and therefore as a protection of the house or apartment. 


In the four corners the Old Testament prophecies about the Mother of God and the incarnation of God. The symbols of the evangelists: the winged man = Matthew, the lion = Mark, the bull = Luke, the eagle = John.

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