Mother of God of Smolensk (Smolenskaya)

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


On the icon the Mother of God of Smolensk holds her Son with her left hand, with her right hand she points to Him. In the left hand the Savior holds a scroll, the right hand is stretched out for blessing. 


According to tradition, this icon was painted by the apostle and evangelist Luke. She came to Russia from Constantinople. The Greek emperor Constantine IX Monomachus gave his daughter Anna to the prince of černigov Jaroslav the Wise as his wife and blessed her with this icon when she left for Rus’. After vsevolod’s death, the icon was given to his son Vladimir Monomach, who brought it to Smolensk. Since that time, the icon has been called Smolenskaya. In 1238, during the invasion of Batus, the Tatars came to the city of Smolensk. No help could be expected from outside, and the inhabitants of the city placed all their hope in the Mother of God. She answered her fervent prayers and liberated the city.  


The feast day is July 28.

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