Mother of God "Enlightener of Minds"

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


This unusual icon comes from the Russian city of Rybinsk in yaroslavl province. Our Lady and the Divine Child are wrapped in what looks like a priest’s shield, and angels are depicted on both sides holding burning candles. Under the feet of the Virgin and on her head, cherubs are depicted with outstretched wings. The model for this icon is a statue in the city of Loreto in Italy, which is wrapped in a similar shell.


The icon “Illuminator of the Spirit” (Подательница ума) reflects the deep faith of Orthodox Christians in the power of the Most Holy Virgin to intercede before God and his Son in order to grant both temporal and spiritual blessings. First and foremost is the enlightenment of the mind and heart through the Divine Truth.


For this reason, parents whose children are slowly learning either in matters of faith or in worldly knowledge often turn to the Most Holy Mother of God and her divine child, who is the source of the most sublime wisdom and knowledge, and pray for the thoughts of their children to be strengthened and that they will keep what they are taught. People also implore the Mother of God to help them overcome delusions and mental illness.


Feast day: 15 August

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