Martha of Bethany

Orthodox Remembrance Day: 12 April, third Sunday of Easter, 4 June

Catholic Remembrance Day: July 29

Name means: the mistress or: the bitter (Hebrew)

Disciple of Jesus

Patroness: domestic; housewives, domestic servants, maids, cooks, laundresses and workers, innkeepers, hoteliers and hotel employees, sculptors and painters; the dying

Attributes: simple dress, wooden spoon, holy frond or holy water kettle, dragon on a rope


* around 1 in Bethany, today al-Eizariya in Palestine
84 near Marseille or in Tarascon in France

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Martha was the elder sister of Mary of Bethany (Luke 10:38) and Lazarus (Gospel of John 11:20) 2. She belonged to the closer circle of friends of Jesus; only these three, apart from John, are reported to have loved them (Gospel of John 11:5). Martha entertained Jesus (Gospel of Luke 10:38-42) when he was a guest of her and her sister; In doing so, Jesus rejects her rebuke for her sister and emphasizes the importance of listening to His Word. According to the Gospel of John (12:1-3), she also entertained Jesus when he was anointed by the unknown woman. Martha then took the initiative to ask Jesus for help after the death of her brother (Gospel of John 11:20) and thus has the more significant role here compared to the Luke narrative; She made the confession: Yes, Lord, I have gained the faith that you are the Christ, the Son of God (Gospel of John 11:27).


Joachim Schäfer: Article Martha von Betanien, from the Ecumenical Dictionary of Saints –

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