Juliana of Nicomedia

Orthodox Remembrance Day: 21 December

Catholic Remembrance Day: February 16

Name means: from the julian family (Latin.)

Virgin, Martyr

Patroness: in childbirth and infectious diseases

Attribute: the devil at your feet


* c. 285 in Nicomedia, today Ízmit in Turkey
about 304

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


According to legend, Juliana refused to marry the son of the city prefect Eulogius of Nicomedia, was therefore accused of being a Christian, then stripped naked, beaten with rods, hung by the hair and – after liquid lead was poured on her head – tied up, finally thrown into the dungeon. In angelic form, the devil appeared to her, but she heard only a voice from heaven, recognized, tied up and beat the devil with the chains that fell away from her. When she was taken out of the dungeon, she pulled the handcuffed man behind her and threw him into the latrine in the marketplace. She was now stretched onto the wheel, which was destroyed by an angel who healed her; it was then placed in a cauldron of boiling lead, but remained undamaged; she was eventually beheaded. The devil appeared and had to flee, the judge drowned with 30 men on a sea trip.


Joachim Schäfer: Article Juliana von Nikomedien, from the Ecumenical Dictionary of Saints –

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