John the Baptist

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Orthodox Remembrance Day: 24 June, Catholic Remembrance Day: 24 June

Name means: God is gracious (Hebrew)

Prophet, Baptist of Jesus, Martyr

Attributes: fur robe, banner Ecce Agnus Dei, lamb, cross staff, baptismal font, head on plate, apple from which a palm branch grows

Patron: the tailor, weaver, tanner, furrier, dyer, saddler, innkeeper, winemaker, winemaker, barrel binder, carpenter, architect, bricklayer, stonemasons, restorers, chimney sweeps, blacksmiths, shepherds, farmers, singers, dancers, musicians, cinema owners; of domestic animals; of vines; against alcoholism, headaches, dizziness, childhood diseases, fear and hail


* June 24 at 5 BC in Ein Kerem near Jerusalem in Israel

August 29 after 29 in Machaerus Castle in Jordan or in Tiberias in Galilee in Israel


According to the gospel of Luke (1:5-25), John was the son of Elizabeth and Zacharias; according to tradition, he was born half a year before Jesus. The old priest Zacharias, whose marriage had long been childless, sacrificed in the temple and received a promise from the Archangel Gabriel that a son would be born to him. Zacharias doubted, asked for a sign and was beaten by the angel with muteness. Elisabeth, who actually became pregnant in old age, was visited during her pregnancy by Mary, who stayed with her until the birth of John. Elisabeth, asked about the naming after the birth, knew from her inspiration that the boy should be called John, contrary to family tradition.


Joachim Schäfer: Article John the Baptist, from the Ecumenical Dictionary of Saints –

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