Orthodox Remembrance Day: 11 October

Name means: from Zeus


c. 100 near Demetriada, Thessaly

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Saints Zenaida (Zenaida of Tarsus) and Philonella were traditionally the first Christian doctors after Luke the Evangelist and the first “unmercenaries” (doctors who would not accept fees from their patients). They are especially revered in Eastern Christianity.


Zenaida and Philonella were sisters born into a well-educated Jewish family and were supposedly cousins of Paul the Apostle. They were instructed by their brother Jason, who was bishop of their hometown tarsus, and baptized into the Christian faith. When they entered the Philosophical Academy in Tarsus, they devoted themselves to studying medicine and, after completing their studies, moved to the mountains around Pelion near Demetriada in Thessaly. This was a region known for its healing springs and shrines to Asclepius. The doctors who practiced there cared for the rich, charged exorbitant amounts for their services, and increased their income by selling magical amulets and spells.


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