Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: 24 July

Name means: the Christian (Greek – Latin)


Attributes: furnace, millstone, arrows, rust, snakes

Patroness: the miller, archers and sailors


* in Volsinium, today ruins near Bolsena in Italy or: in Tyre, today Sur in Lebanon

around 297 in Volsinium, today ruins near Bolsena in Italy or: in Tyre, today Sur in Lebanon

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Christina of Bolsena, daughter of pagan parents of noble family, is told in the legend that she was converted to Christianity by a servant. Her father then enclosed her with twelve servants in a tower on an island in the lake of Bolsena, because Christina was to remain dedicated to the silver and golden gods, he had set up for her. But Christina broke the images of the gods, threw others into the lake, and gave the gold to the poor. The angry father had them beaten by twelve men until they became weak. The father, who had been appointed judge in the persecution of Christians of that time, had her limbs broken and her skin torn with nails, whereupon she threw a shred of her flesh in his face. When they were tied to a wheel under which a fire was lit, the flames struck and killed 1500 bystanders. Christina was then accused of sorcery, thrown back into prison, then pushed out into the lake at night on a basalt plate to drown, but angels kept her afloat and Christ Himself appeared to her, baptized her, and handed her over to the Archangel Michael, who brought her ashore…


Joachim Schäfer: Article Christina von Bolsena, from the Ecumenical Dictionary of Saints:

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