Archangel Barachiel

Remembrance Day: November 8

Antike original russische Ikone aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.


Barachiel (Hebrew ברכיאל ‘blessing of God’) is one of the seven archangels named by name in apocryphal writings. In addition to the angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, three other archangels were named in the early Middle Ages, especially in the tradition of the Byzantine Orthodox churches: Barachiel, Yehudiel and Sealtiel. The veneration of Uriel and the angels Barachiel, Yehudy and Sealtiel did not prevail permanently in the Western Church, although evidence of the veneration of seven archangels can be found in the Middle Ages and again in the Baroque.


In the Book of Enoch, written between 130 BC and 68 AD, “seven holy angels who watch at all times” are mentioned. In the 15th century, the monk Amadeus Menez de Silva († 1482) described his idea of seven archangels, in which he named one as Barachiel. The name Barachiel can also be found in the spelling Barbiel, Barchiel or Barkiel. Sometimes it is also believed that in the spelling Baraqiel, Baraqel or Berâkêl he is to be equated with this angel mentioned in the book of Enoch.


In Christian iconography, Barachiel is often depicted with his attribute, a white rose or white rose petals on his clothing. In the icon painting of the Orthodox Church, Barachiel is depicted as one of the seven archangels. Barachiel fights the spirit of inertia, indifference and lukewarmness and is the guardian angel of all people born on a Saturday.


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