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About us

Original Russian Icons can be bought in this wonderful and unique store in the city center of Vienna. The founder of the company, Mr. Erich M. Mautner, received export approvals for antique Icons more than 40 years ago from the Russian government. During the following years Mr. Mautner developed an extensive icon trade, worldwide.  Collectors and traders from all over the world come flocking, to acquire copies of these rarity treasures.

Every piece of these splendid icons was examined by the Icon expert of the Vienna Dorotheum and was provided with a certificate.

The certificate describes what is shown and when the icon was painted and with the signature the expert confirms the authenticity. As subjects the icon painters showed mainly the most famous mercy pictures of the Mother of God and Jesus Christ. But also Pantokrator as a woe ruler was painted in many variations.

Near Moscow there were famous painting schools, for instance: Palekh, Mstyora, Kazan Suzdal, Vladimir, Uglic etc. where masters and pupils together painted the most splendid icons of high artistic quality.

Beyond Russia a bigger number of valuable icons is extremely seldom seen, with the exception of some museums. In our shop, however a big number of select icons are on exhibition and for sale. Some of these extraordinary icons are more than 200 years old.